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Thread: Lake Lure NC

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    I'm going to Lake Lure (where Dirty Dancing was filmed) the first week in Aug. This will be my first 7 day vacation in 11 years.

    Anybody from around that area and is there anything to do?
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    also filmed "last of the mohecicians" (sp?) here. nice place, be sure to visit mt. mitchell. try to avoid asheville unless you like hippies! i live in arden nc between lake lure and asheville
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    Glad to hear

    your taking time off. Nice place from what I've been told. Did a search for lake lure and found lots of info. Have a great time.
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    Maybe Patrick Swayze will give ya some dancing lessons.
    Have fun, don't worry the work will still be there when ya get back............
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    And please refrain from stealing any ac unit tags while you are there too.
    There is a name for that, something like kleptotagmaniac.
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