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    3 furnaces and coils--3 seperate zones--one two speed HS-11-- well designed and installed--25 years old and still running. Atta Boy Dave!

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    I have worked on a few of those. The box to the right of the condensor is the key to it working. The refrigerant lines go from the 2 speed condensor to that box, then up to 3 linesets run from the box to individual coils in the house.

    The thermostats for each indoor unit turn the fan on and energize a liquid line solenoid for that coil. 1st or 2nd stage operation of the 2 speed condensor is determined by the suction pressure. The box outside that all the refrigerant lines and control wiring goes through has a reciever and/or accumulator in it, I forget.
    Under high load, the system may cycle in and out of 2nd stage with only one indoor unit calling, but usually will stay in 1st stage. Under very low load, the system may run in 1st stage with all the indoor units calling, but usually will be running in 2nd stage.
    Trying to dial in the refrigerant charge on one of those systems after a leak repair would make baby Jesus cry.

    I lost my book that has all the service info for that setup a couple of years ago.

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