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    Question Staefa / Siemens NCRS / Smart II Gateway


    I am looking for a Gateway solution for the following:

    I have a HVAC control system with Two NCRS Controllers each with 4 trunks. The trunks seem to have either RC controllers or Smart II Controllers. There are approx 100 Smart II of various types and 25 RC Controllers. Front end is Desigo which we want to bin.

    Has anybody tried to bring this into a modern front end system? Is there a BACNET, LON, OPC or even Modbus Gateway that anybody has used. The system is stable, and I really don't want to replace it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hello Kev

    I know that Siemens has a gateway (PXC00-U) which supports integration between the legacy systems (like AS1000 or pronto) to BACnet over Lon or IP. I don't know if the same exist for smart II. With this kind of solution you don't need any NCRS Controller.

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    There is a Smart II driver for Tridium, but I'm not sure about the NCRS.
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    What part of the country are you located? I know some guys that possibly could help but they may be limited by territory.

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    Automated Logics has a driver for Staefa smart cards I believe... I am also interested what part of the country you are in.

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