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Thread: It never fails,

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    Got a call about 12:30 today, just finished lunch.
    Guy says his unit doesn't seem to be cooling. Filters are clean, and right after the unit was installed 5 yrs ago they came back out to add some refrigerant.

    So I go out later to find the unit running the best it can, today's heat index was 114*.

    I began talking to him, asking afew things. He says he never runs the a/c. In fact this was the first time this yr, he turned it on at 8:00am.

    I picked up my things and headed for the door. I told him not to shut it off if he wants cooling, tomorrow is to be just as bad.

    I said you can't wait till the hottest time of yr, then expect the unit to pull down in 4 hrs.

    When will they learn ?
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    hopefully you still charged him
    should have added some freezeon to make it run colder

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    I love it when folks program their new thermostats to be 85 while they're gone to work and 73 when they get home 10 hours later then call me at 10pm at night *****ing that the system doesn't work and they want their money back.

    Don't even give me a chance to look at it or explain, just come out blasting that you want your money back and the system removed.

    Oh, and it is breaking 100 degrees and the design temp is 92...
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    Originally posted by Toolpusher

    When will they learn ?

    Only after they are taught in a one on one situation.

    Which is part of our job, if the dispatcher can't get the message to them. $100 for a filter lesson is better than a $500 board replacement on the first call for heat.

    Talk about job security! We Got It!

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    that's what i refer to as the "window unit factor" i always had to fight that when i did installs.people have window units that pull a room down to 70 deg in 20 min.they expect the same results from cac. I tried to explain this to them after every install... some get it, some don't.
    it usually goes hand in hand with the "bigger is better" theory. you know the guy, "i want a 5 ton unit installed in my house". no calc, 2000 s.f. his buddy has one and it works great, and no amount of explaining will change his mind.
    all time best for this was the kid opening his second hershey ice cream store in my town. 800 s.f. storefront. "i want 7 1/2 tons installed in my store" however, he rented and hadn't discussed with his landlord if it was ok to install on his roof, ok to cut open his roof to run ductwork through it, and wasn't exactly sure who was paying for it yet... "when can you start?" i never went back.

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