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    Just wondering if you Techs from the deep South run into much of these ?? Are there mfgr's that make an add-on package for the purpose of heating water from the compressor discharge ? Who makes them ? Is it typically enough to handle all hot water requirements in a typical small home ? are they controlled ? Thanks.

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    P.S. Do u find them on Commercial A/C Units also ??

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    Do a search on desuperheaters.

    We see some on air to air heatpumps here in pa.

    And alot of geo's around here have them.
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    Originally posted by hvacfella
    P.S. Do u find them on Commercial A/C Units also ??
    Yes,restaurant cooling is a common one.

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    One of the best made in your neck of the woods. Never had a problem with any of them.
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    Delaval and Muller make fre-heaters for dairy farms. I think there are other manufactuers? but I work for a Delaval dealer.

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