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    I have read in these forums over and over how the brand of equipment really isn't the important homeowner decision, but hiring reputable contractor means everything when it comes to trouble-free hvac performance. BUT..looking in the yellow pages tells you nothing about the contractor's track record. The BBB will list x amount of complaints per 3yrs and will also list the number of years in existance, but that still isn't the end all info that one needs if one is going to spend thousands of hard earned dollars that may or may not ever be made up in effiency savings. Even if you decide to hire the company thats been in business the longest, you still have no control over whether or not they send out there most experienced workers or a rookie. Again, If I'm going to shell out the big bucks, I prefer someone who's had a long history of pratical real world experiences in installation. Any advice would be helpful.. thanks in advance.

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    Which state are you located in?

    You might just find one right here!

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