I will try to explain the best I can. I am building a 2 story house with a combination of hydro-air and radiant. My question is in regards to the 1 st floor only. My 1 st floor is 2200sq/ft. I am installing radiant flooring in my master bedroom and the kitchen/h.b./laundry room. There will be 2 zones for the radiant. I am having a 3.5 ton variable speed air handler and a 14 seer 3.5 ton a/c unit installed-all trane for the 1st floor. Duct will be run to all rooms for the purpose of a/c. Can it be setup so when heat is called for by the hydro system the ducts to my master bdroom and kitchen/h.b./laundry rooms close completely? Also will the system know that lees cfm is required because these other ducts have closed? I don't want the rooms with radiant to get heat from both systems.