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    We are building a home and the builder says that LARGE returns vs. multiple returns is the most efficient for the HVAC system. The placement of the return is an eyesore when you enter the front door and I also worry about the efficiency of the system. He said that the three different HVAC companies in the area ALL do the ductwork in that manner. I'm not convinced. I am also worried about the noise with the larger returns.In addition, the ductwork is all flexible ductwork and not sheetmetal. Please advise. They have already installed the returns but the drywall is not in place. We are building a large two story home and on a crawl space which is unfamiliar territory for me. The more I read, the more concerned I am.

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    Tell me ....isnt this a repeated post? You might want to do a search on returns just to simplify it.

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    Every room that has a door needs to have a return in it, or at least some return path other than what gets by under the door. The kitchen and bathrooms are obvious exeptions to this.

    Large central returns are the cheepest type to install.

    Likely your builder is used to dealing with the HVAC contractors that cut eachothers throats enough to get the jobs, so he only ever sees the cheepest way it is done.

    If your 2 story house has downstairs areas with tall cielings that are open to the upstairs, then all of the upstairs and downstairs systems need to pull some return air from the cieling in the tall areas.

    Flex duct is just as efficient as metal duct, as long as it is sized and installed properly. Unfortunatly, it usually isn't.

    Acording to the latest edition of the ACCA manual D, there is no significant difference between the effect of cieling level and floor level returns in a room.
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    Less returns ,usually equals less ducts ,which is more efficent,but they likely do it that way to reduce cost.

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    Flex? Ugh! I'd insist on sheetmetal -- especially for the return. Flex does not hold up well over time.

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