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    Couldn't decide weather or not this belonged here or the wall of shame....... I bought this unit to use in the basement where I live in my sister's house, it is a Danby self-contained heating and air conditioning unit.

    A better pic of the control panel

    Unit is exactly 2 years old this month. Now, when I run the A/C, the compressor makes all kinds of racket. It sounds like the shaft is hitting against the wall of the compressor. It does not do this continuously, however, the more I have run the unit, the closer the intervals are when I hear this noise.

    I have never heard this kind of noise from a compressor in my life. It is like a cracking sound, and if I physically shake the unit, it will make this noise. The compressor motor itself does not bog down at all when this happens. I just hear the "Kicking" sound with no apperant strain on the motor itself.

    I am going to take this thing apart tomorrow and try to see what's wrong with it. Any ideas on what to check? I'm hoping it is just something simple like a bad start relay or capacitor.

    Oh and here is the sad part. Unit had a 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

    I paid $600 for this pice of shit, and later found out I could have gotten me a mini split for a couple hundred bucks more.

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    That looks like a spot cooler. Are there flex ducts to intake and exhaust condenser fan air so you don't draw all the cool air out of the basement?

    As for the compressor noise, is it a recip compressor or rotary? The noise you describe reminds me of when a mounting spring inside a recip pot snaps and allows the motor housing to lean over and vibrate against the inside of the compressor dome. A very annoying sound but the compressor will often run for months like that without a problem...other than the racket!

    Otherwise maybe the comp is seeing floodback. Slap your gauges on it and start checking things out like superheat, subcooling, etc. Who knows...afterward you could go to your boss and say you're now an expert in spot cooler repair and your company can expand the services it offers to customers.
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    I found a unit like that in the trash, took it home and found it did not cool and was very loud. Took it apart and and found the condensor compleatly pluged with dust. It's pulling room air and has a smaller fin pitch than the evaperator !!

    Once I cleaned it it cools fine and the noise went away, it's now cooling my classic car in the garage. It's realy too small for the garage but it dehumidifys great and that is what I need.

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