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    I figured I'd start posting these here cuz I feel like I'm living in a cartoon hehe.

    Get another call today.

    "My suctions 90 and heads 300. Thats a restriction aint it!"

    "Nope. Restrictions make the pressures go down....
    what the heck are you working on?" I inquisitively asked.

    "Just hooked up a Standard condensing unit to an ADP coil.
    We took out the piston in the ADP and put in the one that came with the condensing unit." He rattled on for a little bit while I was trying not to laugh.
    "..... we took out a 62 and put in a 60"

    Just had to ask as if I didn't know... "Did the pistons physically look the same?"

    "Nah... its a restriction aint it?"

    "hehehe NO.. Its not a restriction. Put the ADP piston back in"

    "Is that why the suctions real high and the head too high too? We put it in backwards didn't we?"

    "Aint no telling what the heck the systems gonna do with that piston in there. It don't even go to that coil.
    Get the right piston in there and see what happens"

    "We started out with that piston but the pressures were like 300 suction and 400 head"

    "Are you working on a 22 system or a 410? Or is this a heat pump you aint got wired up right"

    "Na, its a regular air cond. With R22. Its a restriction aint it."

    "NO Its not a restriction. THe pressures would be low if it were. I told you that walla go."
    Before I could go on...

    "Bad compressor? ITs gotta be a bad compressor. It aint pumping right. THe valves are shot aint they? That would cause the pressures to not be right too wont it."

    "No. You dont' have a bad compressor.... yet"


    "NO. Will you listen to me?"

    "Well, what would cause the pressures to go up so high?"

    Trying to not overwhelm him with too much.. that he wouldnt' listen to anyways...
    "Lots of things would cause it."

    "Name em!"

    "First off... did you pull a vacuum or just purge the lineset?" as if I couldn't already guess

    "Purged it. Lemme tell you what I did.
    After 'the other guy' welded it in.
    I hooked my blue hose to the suction line.
    The red hose to the liquid line... you know... the little one...
    then the yellow hose to the tank.
    I opened the tank as a vapor. You know.. standing up with the handles in the air. And let it go in the suction line till it came out the red hose while I had it loose from the gauges. I let enough come out till I got high"

    "Do what? Your huffin the 22?"

    "Yeah man... let enough come out till you go WHOAH MAN.
    Then I connected the red hose up to the gauges real quick so no air got back in. Then opened both sides of the guages up and let freon go in from the tank till the pressures settled down"

    "YOU DID WHAT? Do you have any idea how much 22 you put in?"

    "Nope. I aint got any scales"

    by this time I was laughin my but off.

    "What? What you laughin at? THats right aint it?"

    "Heck no it aint right. Whats the suction line temp?
    Whats the liguid line temp?"

    "I aint got no meters for that. The suction aint even cold yet. It supposed to be cold aint it? The liquid lines gettin kinda hot. Thats a bad compressor aint it?
    Restriction? I know its a restriction."

    "At least get the charging chart out for the unit.
    Its got it in there. It'll tell you what your pressures should be"

    "I know. I know. I dont' wanna get into all that."

    "Man you should seriously read some books or something on how to do it right before you get hurt or something. I'm afraid to ask... do you have any idea what the temperature of the return is?"

    He got to yelling then... "OH MAN ITS HOTTER THAN H**L. I AINT GOT THE RETURN HOOKED UP YET. THE UNITS SUCKING IN 140 DEGREE AIR OUT THE ATTIC...." Then he turned away from the phone.

    Then his phone went dead.

    I guess nobody got killed. Called him up later.
    To my amazement.... he didn't say whether or not the
    unit survived or not hehe. I was afraid to ask.

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    This is for REAL?

    And this is someone in your company??

    Maybe we work at the same place???

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    LMAO, gotta clean my monitor off from that one.

    Thanx for the Humor.

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    ITs for real.
    Its my brother.
    He used to work at the same company.
    He actually started working here before me and got me the job... back then he did work you'd be proud of.
    Now... you wanna run as fast as you can away from anything he touches. Amazing what crack will do to a person.

    He lost this job a couple three years ago.
    He kept borrowing money from customers, doing 'side jobs' for customers (i.e. "How much is Mike charging you to replace that run?" "I think 200 bucks" "I can do it for 50 this weekend"), and he kept asking customers how much the company was charging and getting the customer bent out of shape when he'd go.... "WHAT.... XXXX DOLLARS FOR A THREE TON UNIT.... THE UNIT DON"T COST BUT XXXX DOLLARS...

    Now he sits at home making random phone calls from the phone book.
    "Hi, my name is Howard. I've been doing heating and air conditioning for 18 years. I'm fully qualified to do maintenance on your unit and I only charge twenty dollars.
    Would you like to have your unit serviced today?"
    Unbelievably... people actually have him do it.

    Then he gets 'side jobs' (is there such a thing as a side job when you don't have a job?) working for some off the wall guy out the back of the truck. Think he just works on a job by job basis.

    He used to work for another guy there for a little bit.
    I talked to him in passing...
    "Why'd you let Howard go?"
    Laughingly, he said "Cuz he kept calling me up wanting work. Its fine and all when its daytime, but not at nine, ten o'clock at night."

    Anyways.... all the stuff he does sometimes is so hilarious..
    I figured I'd post em here.

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    I have had the same conversation several times. Some of them have 10 - 15 years experiance. I still find it unbelievable
    HVAC Contractor, Tyler Texas.

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    After years of in-the-field Service experience at various levels I've just come into the office as a Tech Support guy. I'm still learnin' this part of the industry, but that story was just about right on the money for some of the guys I've been talkin' with lately (and LMAO funny)!


    (First post here, BTW)

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    Originally posted by subcoolman
    After years of in-the-field Service experience at various levels I've just come into the office as a Tech Support guy. I'm still learnin' this part of the industry, but that story was just about right on the money for some of the guys I've been talkin' with lately (and LMAO funny)!


    (First post here, BTW)
    Hey there subcoolman, It's always good to see a new username.

    \still a newbe myself
    \\trying to get my post count up
    \\\I love this new backslash stuff

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