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Be very very carefull using one of those!

The reason products like that work is because the part of your brain that regulates your body temperature is in the back of your head, near the base of your skull. They basicly fool your bodys thermostat into thinking you are cooler than you really are.

People have died from using products like that because thier body slowed down the proccesses that help us get rid of heat, like sweating and increased blood flow to the skin.
Awesome research... but the 'cooling off' device wearing around your neck allows your head, that gives off the most heat to absorb into the device, not unlike the A/C in our homes. The thermostat that you speak of, is located in an area closer to the top of our heads, and will regulate the amount of heat loss in that area.

Humans that are destined to 'not survive' through their actions... likley aren't due to these 'cold packs around their necks... but for other reasons.

And Yes... there are likely other neurological causes that are triggered by these very devices because of their sensitivity in these medical areas.

People Die here in Canada, from overheating during our -40 winters... as they try to find relief. Every case is just that... a case-by-case scenario....

Just a thought... before we start the Buffalo into a panic run.