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Thread: Carrier TKB024

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    Nov 2004
    R22 split system installed on July 15, 2005 (yes, a week ago).

    Went there, found:

    SL 61 psig
    LL 230 psia
    Ambient 75 F
    Temp.on SL at Cond. unit = 75 F !!!
    Temp.on SL at Evap. coil = 75 f !!!
    Temp. on LL at Cond. unit = 96 F

    Basically, no cooling at all. Very high SH = 45 F!

    All on a brand new unit.

    I re-covered, vacuumed to 400 microns, re-charged (weight the R22 as per plate = SAME OUTCOME, 75 F on the SL.

    Scratching my head ....

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    see that little piston in the baggie at the outdoor unit?...It appears to me they forgot to change it.

    Your numbers indicate the refrigerant is stacking up in the condenser but not restricted in the liquid line. Your indoor metering device seems to be slightly restricted. Is this a matched system or a new condenser on an old coil?

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    I did not installed the unit. It was done by our "Install department", and we ONLY install "matched systems".

    When you say ".... see that little piston in the baggie at the outdoor unit?...It appears to me they forgot to change it...."
    - what do you mean ?

    Something else I noticed when "re-charging" the unit. I had a tank R22 on the scale and it run-out of R22 at 1.5lb. so I got a new tank on the scale, but in the meantime I noticed the SL was at 15 psig, while LL was at 190 psig. Big difference - partial "restriction" in oriffice was my first thought (and last).

    But again, why there is NO cooling at all on the SL, it is at ambient 75 F?

    Even with a partially restricted orifice - there should be some cooling effect taking place, should not it ?

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    Sounds like they brazed or soldered the inlet screen to the metering device when putting the liquid line in........pull it out & check it....oops a little to much braze rod lol
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    Or they installed a balance port txv, and brazed the equalizer shut.
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    orrrrrr maybeeeeee the coil was trying to freeze between tank changing lowering the low side...... sooooo what happened? did ya getrdone?

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