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    Have a homeowner wanting to put in an aprilaire 5000 electronic air cleaner and was wanting to know if the casing is universal. What I mean is in the installation instructions I found on aprilaire website it shows only being installed in one direction. For instance it shows a furnace on its side with right air discharge and what I have is left air discharge. Amother question is how much restriction will the model 5000 in static pressure on a 2 ton system?

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    The Aprilaire Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner can be turned over to allow installation in systems with Left- or Right-handed returns. The Model 5000 can also be turned on its side for upflow systems with bottom returns. When installing the Model 5000 it is important to maintain the airflow direction as indicated with the airflow arrows on the unit. The blue plastic Aprilaire name plate can be removed and flipped over so that it is right side up.

    The static pressure of the 5000 on a 2 ton (800 cfm) system is 0.08"w.c.

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