I made a service call this morning, The complaint was there is excessive water around the condenser and the system does not seem to be cooling proper lalely, she had someone else do the cooling inspection this year, that person told her that he had to add 1lb of refrigerant. I found a 60 degree WB, amb.= 88, SLT= 41, SLP= 64, HP=225, the compressor [scroll]is sweating almost all the way to the top, I checked the filter=[new] and the supply is blowing strong Idid not have any way to check the velocity but it was strong enough to lead me to believe toe coil is not matted, the condenser is clean, it has a non TXV metering device the LLT was 100. Before I checked the condenser the drop was 12 degrees I was thinking under charge so I added some refrigerant, the pressures increased but the SLT dropped[I understand how this works]so Iam thinking there is too much liquid coming back to the compressor so I recovered some of the gas which did cut down on some of the condensation on the compressor, The drop was then 18 degrees, SLT=44 SLP=62-64. was I correct, is there anything that I should have checked is there anything else that causes the com.to sweat?