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    We have a completely new central A/C system (duct issue posted separately). Sometimes it doesn't blow cool air. Apparently only the fan runs and not the compressor when that happens.

    The contractor used our existing 4 yr. old Honeywell thermostat, so on their first service call they blamed it and told me to put on a new thermostat. I did but the problem hasn't gone away. The service tech for the second service call didn't show up(!!!!!!!) but told me on the phone that it's not the thermostat, that Carrier condensor's have a known compressor start problem and that it needs a superboost kit.

    I do hear the circuit breaker buzz for about 2 seconds when the compressor starts (or tries to?).

    I did see a post here where some opinions were against the superboost kit.

    Any ideas on what to do? Is the superboost kit a bad idea? Does it affect the manufacturer's warranty?

    The unit is a Carrier 38TKB030.

    Thank you!

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    Keep calling the installer/dealer back until they "show up" and solve the problem. This is a new system, which I'm sure you paid good money for.

    If it's a "known" compressor issue, they need to address it. A failed hermetic (compressor) side of a dual capacitor, does not "fix" itself, to "sometimes" work.

    It is possible that there may be a voltage supply problem. Is the tech checking the compressor for LRA (locked rotor amps) when it won't start?

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    Whatever the problem if you have a new system then the contractor is responsible to make it work correctly. If they suspected the thermostat was the problem then it woud be reasonable for THEM to install a new thermostat and check the system for proper operation. The cost of the thermostat would be the only thing you may need to pay.I have used the superboost kits with good results, but on a new installation if the unit needed a start kit I would prefer one supplied by the mfg.

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    that Carrier condensor's have a known compressor start problem
    That's a load of poopoo.

    and that it needs a superboost kit.
    That's not the right solution.

    If anything is added, it should be a factory hard start kit which will include a start relay and capacitor. If he doesn't know the correct one to order, the folks at the Carrier distributor will get him the right one.

    Does it affect the manufacturer's warranty?
    Not likely, but the hard start kit is the correct device if a start assist is needed.

    Thank you!
    You are welcome!

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    i have to go with jr on this one
    if a hard start kit is needed it should be a factorie kit and not a cheap super boost
    on older units that need an assit i can see putting one in or as a tempory fix till the required kit cames in but on a new system no way
    also why did they tell you to install the stat and not do it them selves.

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    compressor not always starting

    I would also agree with JR if it needs a start kit. Compressor is NEW it was just installed. Have that installer get it running. Have them check the starting amprage, if it is high, near it's LRA then a kit might help. Is the wiring the right size, how far from the electric meter. What is the voltage? If it is too low or high that could be a problem. The compressor is tripping the internal overload, the freon charge could be wrong, not enough cooling coming back to the compressor(low on freon) or too much causing the overload to trip. All done and said the compressor could have a problem so check the freon and amprages with a good tech.

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