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    Hello all, happy to find the site again. Sorry for the novel but here it is. I found myself in a spot yesterday with my own ac not coolng well. I checked pressures and found suction low so I checked and cleaned a filthy evap. coil. After washing it I found pressures at 205/70 at 95 degrees ambient air 78 return. I forgot leaving air temperature. I found 3 degrees subcooling and 5 degrees superheat. I tried removing freon and I got the superheat to 17 degrees but the subcool stayed at 3 to 5 degrees. I even tried adding and removing freon to extremes, at 11:00 pm decided I had enough and left it alone. I am worried why I cannot get more than 3 to 5 subcooling on my system, any help is wonderfull
    I am thinking of a blockage at the accurater just not a complete blockage. Maybe the compresser is starting to de.?????? I have a york 12 seer heatpump 3 years old.

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    So, was the coil freezing up initially?

    Try to give as much of this as possible...

    Make: York
    C Model number: __
    E Model number: __
    Evap Metering Device: Piston

    SP 70 /T 41 ST 46/58 SH 5/17
    LP 205 /T 103 LT 98-100 SC 3-5
    AT 95 CT __ DT __
    RA 78 SA __ DT __
    IWB __ IDB 74
    Evap ST __ LT __
    Comp A __ Rated A __

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    possible restriction in a parallel condensor circuit.

    On a call for cooling measure the temp of the refrigerant leaving each circuit. If you have GREATER than a 20 degree rise on a given circuit ( as compared to the others) or replace coil

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