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    New 2 ton american standard a/c unit with a noticeable delay in the compressor start in ref. to the condenser fan motor start ( appox .50 sec. delay ). System has a hard shut-off TXV, factory start cap. with potental relay, voltage good ( 240 vac 1ph). System operation ok, 13 deg. superheat, 12 deg subcooling. 76psig/226psi.
    Any suggestions on why? Never had this happen before. The very first start up no delay. cycled several times with consistant compressor delay.

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    I wouldn't worry about it,but then I wouldn't notice it either...

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    have you watched the amperage on the compressor when it starts? is it high like lock rotor amps for just that split second? did you test the start cap or run cap? How about the potential relay are u sure its functioning properly? I would try switching out the factory start kit with a field installed kit to test i.e Kickstart or Superboost. Other than that I also feel don't worry about it unless it gets worse.

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    Thanks for your input. I will need to spent some more time investigating this odd start up. Did'nt get a chance to check exactly what was happening. The first start after evac. and opening the service valves, total inrush was 55 amps. Running current running around 7 amps. Just thought it was odd hearing the compressor start with the fan allready starting to roll.

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