I am 'hot in the south' part 2 - Atlanta. Have a two story brick ranch (the basement is finished) that has a rear exterior that faces west. The upstairs is completely vaulted and the entire house is approx 4800 sq. ft. Not many trees and 4 turbine vents on the roof. The house is 7 years old - I have lived in it the last two. When the outside temp gets over 90 degrees the house will rise to 82 degrees. Not a big problem unless you are trying to sell!

Reading from the RO, the tech cleaned the condenser coil and washed down the compressor. The RO says, 'had 60 degree supply BMP close to furnace and 78 degree return temp on ceiling, unit may be a little small for 92 degree days. I trimmed back the bushes from the A/C unit. Today outside temp- 92 degrees and inside temp- 82 degrees.


1) the original owners would not have tolerated this problem and would have forced the builder to correct. So at some time this should have been working properly. If so, what needs to be corrected?

2) Everyone before me was OK with the rising temps? So now what would I need to do from a hardware perspective to upgrade my system? More importantly what should it cost?