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    We have an OLD electric heatpump. But when we have it cooling, it can not keep up at all when it gets about 85 outside. Is this typical for older heatpumps? We had two different techs come out and take a look at it. One felt it was not keeping enough pressure and the other felt that the unit was fine.

    It generates cold air but does not puch it through the house very well. Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    If your pressures are ok than I'd check to see if the inside and outside coils are clean and also make sure the blower motor and squirrel cage is clean also.
    Cleaning is the first thing I'd do if you know the freon charge is ok, let us know what you fine.

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    If it has dirty coils, then you can't know the charge is ok.

    Cleaning the coils should be done first.
    Checking air flow second.
    Then checking charge.
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