The air certainly isn't blowing out through the vents very hard compaired to the older part of the house, but the older part has a 2.5 ton unit.

John, it's the oiriginal contractor who is presently working with me. I'm just not very impressed by them. He immediately charged the system, but the air coming out of the ducts was about 58F which is what he said they normally shoot for. After he charged the system, he left and said to call him if it didn't help. He didn't do anything inside the house or in the attic.

As of 3:30PM, the attic temp has climbed to 128F, the outside temp is 95, and the thermostat temp is 76F. No lights on, blinds (white aluminum) are closed, and doors closed.

I noticed the temp in the center of the room at about the same height as the thermostat is 73F, so the thermostat must be getting some heat through the wall on which it is mounted.