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    can someone tell me does the EPA clss I certification allow a person to recover certain freon from central air conditioning systems in homes ? No where on the EPA site or in the literature does it use the word "central air" If not the class 1 than would it be II or III ? I'm thinking about studying to become certified.

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    Hang in there someone will be along soon,

    I think class 1 allows someone to work on a unit with 5 lbs or less, class 2 is from 50 to 5 lbs,
    universal is all types and any size.

    You can recover, reclaim, no matter what classification you have. As long as you have a classification.

    But like I said someone will be along to set the record straight.
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    Technically class I is 5 lbs or less, and in a system that is manufactured, charged and sealed in a factory. Unfortunately central air does not fit that category. You will need a class II or Universal certification to be legal.


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    There is no max pound on class ll.

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    You will find the answer here plus more

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