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    Originally posted by markwolf
    I told a guy like that once..."If you keep on talking to me like that I am going to take you in the parking lot & f you like the little beotch you are"......he got really quiet & I started my new job the next

    That's funny.
    Get back to work.

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    Western MA.

    Thank`s for the input

    I start my new job on the 15th

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    Like said in another post. Have at least a month savings to hold the family over. You go to work on the 15th. They will probably hold the first week check. I quit my job once. 25 years, couldn't take anymore of my bosses BS. He called his boss in the middle of the night. They sent me and him home to cool off. Went back to work 3 days later. All is well. That was 2 years ago. Roy

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