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    I have a Carrier 38YR018320 installed with an air handler FK4BNF001 in 1994. Since I have no documentation on the unit, I have been searching the web and found that an 018-30 series matched with that air handler has a TDR-TXV (the outside unit label mentions a TXV) and is rated at 18,000 BTU and 11.05 SEER. However mine is a 018-32. Can anyone tell me what that last digit after the '3' implies? Thanks again.

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    Carrier Model #

    That "2" represents a slight modification made to that model by Carrier. It is still the same basic model, but is a 32 series. On cetain models there could be 33, 34, etc. Always give the complete model number when needing parts.

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    The models that match the air handler are ,018,024,030,that's the nominal tonnage,1.5,2.0 and 2.5 tons.

    Big is correct about the numbers that come after the tonage.

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