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    Quote Originally Posted by shophound View Post
    Call your installer back and thoroughly explain the problem you are having. Go higher up the food chain if the person you're dealing with does not bring you a solution.

    Offhand it sounds like a configuration/programming issue within the thermostat. Not hard to remedy if the control wiring was done correctly.
    Thanks for your response..
    I have placed a call to them and am waiting for a response. I am at the top of the food chain already as it's a father/son owned company.

    I am just trying to get some confirmation as I am not sure they have installed many systems of this configuration. Hopefully they will do the "head smack, oh ya" thing.

    I have suspected a programming/config issue all along, but I hate to drag them out when I am unable to duplicate the issue for them. I used to be in the car repair business, and know unless I can duplicate the weather dependant conditions, a visit from them will prove nothing.

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    Again, the 8320 will not stage the gas backup. You have to use the timer which eliminates a major advantage to 2 stage gas: long run periods on gentle low in cold weather.

    If you want that feature, you would need the Vision Pro IAQ.

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