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    Hello, thank you for joining HVAC-Talk! We have a lot of HVAC Pros here who can help you make decisions and give advice about a broad range of comfort problems. We do have a policy, which we find works well, that stops us from giving explicit instructions on do it yourself repairs or installations.We also prohibit the use of pricing

    I respectfully ask that you respect this policy. Please do not be offended, the site is free and can not be everything to all
    members. You can read the complete set of rules here:

    Thank you

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    did he at least kiss you?
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    Ask him for that Federal Law so you can post it here, no such law exists. Run and find another tech who can fix or atleast properly charge your system.
    The obvious is obvious

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    First, the tech you had was (sounds like) a CON ARTIST!

    Second, there is no EPA regulation stating to replace your system due to a leak (only for large commercial systems). Then it states it has to be fixed or replaced (there are guidelines for the amount of refrigerant in system and leak rate).

    Third, 75 off, for a 10K gosh... I hope he had KY?

    Forth, 10 minutes for a charge up... LOL Yea, I bet that one is dialed in right!

    Fifth, He might (probably) can't find/repair leaks... which is why he lead you astray on some BS.

    Sixth, You can fill that unit till the cows come home or it completely quits (if you want), there is no Law. Just common sense tells you this outlook would not be practical.

    It's normal for a TECH to look at the complete system, before condemning it. What you got was a salesman, playing 'tech' for the day.

    If the unit doesn't cool properly, make a call to the company and ask for your money back. Then call a COMPETENT HVAC Company!

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    Was he carrying a jar of KY Jelly, out of consideration they usually lube ya before they try to screw ya. This guy is full of BS.
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    did you then have cooling?

    find another company to deal with anyway.
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    Just for kicks ask him for his EPA Lic #. Tell him there is a law that says he has to show it to homeowners on request.
    The obvious is obvious

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    Incompetent tech on commission, nuff said

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    Is your AC repaired now?
    i would disagree with the federal law trip,
    You may want to "Shop around".
    Get some outstanding CO. in your area to diagnose the system.
    Get 2 more and youll have a partial answer, if you still have a problem. You should be able to make a rational decision by then.
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    Originally posted by scruit
    BTW, if mine leaks again than Federal law says I must throw it away - He cannot repair leaks.
    If this was in Texas, and he put that in righting, file a complaint with the State Atourny Gernals office. This particular type of scam is one that they like to pull out the files on from time to time and crucify a few people over.

    You got a dishonest "tech" that is using a sales technique that is lillegal in most states.
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    just as i expected, another so called proffessional took advantage of tour situation.this does not say much for credentials.

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    Originally posted by henline_hvac
    just as i expected, another so called proffessional took advantage of tour situation.this does not say much for credentials.
    Let me get this straight...

    You come here to ask for help. The most knowledgeable people on this site have 'CREDITIALS', yet you just dis-respected EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

    Not to smart.

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    you might be able to see that you got taken for the ride by the other comments. you may still need a new a/c this guy seen and didnt go about it corectly. get another opp. and ask for all your options regardless of price or practicality at least you will know whats up.

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