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Thread: air purifiers

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    We are installing a new system and the customers have real bad allergies. I would be open to any good suggestions on maybe what you all have seen to be the best. And do the ultra violet lights really work?

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    5" Media type filter like
    Air bear / Spaceguard or
    merv 8 or higher filter.

    Would also seal all ductwork,
    If using existing duct I'd
    have it cleaned & fogged also.

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    I have had some experience with air purification and have found that, in my opinion, Sanuvox has one of the best systems in the industry. They are easy to install and I have witnessed first-hand how they helped with a cancer patient. Air purification combined with an excellent filtration system will definitely help.

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    The keys to indoor air quality.
    1. Keep the indoor air below 50%RH to control mold and dust mites inculding under carting on concrete.
    2. Provide fresh air ventilation when occupied to purge indoor pollutants and renew oxygen, 50-75 cfm fresh air.
    3. Keep equipment and air clean as per "rt" post regarding filtering.
    4. Most of the rest of the fixes make you feel good and therefore may be of benefit.

    A couple days of +60%RH start biological organisms growing.

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