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    I use to open procomm and I would get simple error messages like
    "errror writng to PW5.PRX"
    I would clear the message and Procomm would open and work very fine
    Today Procomm opens very fast no error messages ????
    I direct connect to an N30
    It shows I am connected
    I set the correct baud rate
    Nothing happens
    I remove the cable it shows dissconnected
    The ports are good in device manager
    The red SD modem light lights up every time
    I hit a key
    Tried different speeds
    restart and starting the computer
    Nothing is happening
    Tried a different cable nothing
    Different N30 nothing happens

    Thank You

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    I use procomm to connect to a few different control systems but never to a N30 so i do not know the setting for a N30... however i do know that the PW5 file is were all your connection info is kept it is basicly like a phone book. Someone from our company had a simular problem. to solve the problem i copied the PW5 file from my procom directory to his laptop. all my connection info was transfered and end of error message. The problem started when we upgraded procomm to the latest version.

    as far as problem number 2 make sure you are set to the correct terminal ( TVI 910 for example ) and double check the protocal ( all our systems are set to ASCII for direct connect and Zmodem for dial-up ). also check your parity, databits, and stop bits ( all our systems use N-8-1 ). if you use a usb to serial converter and plug it into a different usb port it could change your comm port so check in windows system to make sure you are on the correct com port. we do have an old controls system that requires us to turn off the flow control on the com port through windows. hope this helps some

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    type window in the blank screen, you will not see it once you do log on screen will appear

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