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    I hope this link works because I thought this was illegal

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    you used to work for that

    Jasso's Co. or what?
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    The BBB sounds like a joke from reading that. This guys sums it up pretty good:

    * Tech Air Conditioning of Richardson had one unanswered complaint on a repair matter.

    Al McCamant, an owner of the family-run shop, said he was not familiar with the gripe at issue. But, he added, "It's not worth our time answering what we call stupid complaints, because they're so far out. Some people like to complain. They're looking for something to complain about. That's why we didn't bother" to answer the matter.

    He said the company is a preferred contractor for a major home-warranty company, has "good clientele," and does not "rip people off." He also indicated that one complaint in three years is a good record.*

    One customer complaint in three years and the BBB is on them? I wonder what the BBB's track record is with unhappy customers?

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    An excellent reason to tell the BBB to go perform an unnatural sexual act upon themselves.

    Seriously. Someone ought to start a group that rallies against petty **** like this in business.

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    Gee, haven't I heard something in the past about 'policing ourselves?" "Deja vu all over again." Yogi Berra.
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    I get a call from the BBB at least once a year with the person telling me I am not a member and there have been inquiries about my business.

    I have asked them many times who is inquiring, the answer is always the same, "I do not have that information"

    I then proceed to tell them that I think they are possibly unscrupulous because the only reason they are calling me is to try and get me to join.

    The conversation usually dosen't go very well after that. I honestly question their integrity!

    In 21 years I have never had a complaint filed against me.

    Who watches the watchers????

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    We have had one BBB complaint in the last 4 years.

    Customer complained that I did a repair on her system, then the compressor died the same night. Claimed I didn't tell her the repair was temporary and that the system could fail again soon.

    We faxed them the invoice where I stated explicitly that the repair was temporary, along with the proposal for replacing the unit, and the 5 invoices from the previous 2 years, all saying the compressor was not pumping properly, and giving a price for a new unit.

    The b**ch always acted like it was beneath her dignity to have to speak to a repair person whenever I was there, and she didn't listen well.

    After recieving all my documentation, the BBB basicly deleated the complaint. It never even showed up on any searches.
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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