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    Originally posted by dave and julie
    Rhodes was the guitarist for Ozzy. They only made the blizzard of oz album and then he died in some weird plane crash if memory serves.
    He recorded Blizzard of Oz as well as Diary of a Madman. In 1982, I was fortunate enough to meet Randy. It was at a music store in Greensburg, PA. Ozzy was playin Pittsburgh that night, and Randy held a guitar seminar at the store. I ditched school to see him. He was a small (5'3"), very friendly, and had no problem showin us his stellar guitar licks. He was an inspiration. A month later, he was dead. It was such a waste..... .
    In honor of Murray Woodgate (aka Carnak) 1961 - 2010

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    Originally posted by DeltaT
    Ends up Scotty lives about 5 miles from me and I didn't even know it.
    Not anymore he don't. He's swiming with the fishes.

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