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I saw this incident on our local station's website lastweek.

I thought of posting it in the ARP section, but the thought of some folks posting sarcastic remarks would have only in-flamed me more.

I really have to hand it to the soldier for keeping his cool during such an incident.
You know Bobby...I caught hell in a few e-mails about being abrasive in there but. If you want to post in there you put on a pullet proof vest. Some people hate America. It is just that simple and it's not the Oprah show. But I put it here because people need to see it.
Absolutly! where it's posted wasn't a concern, here or there, I do agree it will get more exposure here in general topics.
Pfc Tschiderer is a heroric American and deserves our gratitude, as do all our soldiers
When I first saw that video I was pis%ed! extremely pis%ed! still am!!
Some idiot would have said something stupid(you know who) and I would have been censored for my response.... most likely.