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    Hello, Murphys law abounds at my house. Just replaced all sewer pipes to main line, and now my air goes out. I have an older unit, which i believe is 3 ton. Unfortunately I can not afford a new unit at this time. My compressor went out, and I found a used but in excellent shape outside unit, the only prob is that its 5 tons. Would it work at least for the summer? And yes, I am going to have a licensed hvac tech come and install it. Thank you.

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    If you could keep it from freezing up and didn't care about efficiency or how long the outdoor unit lasted, you might get through the summer

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    I would ask the guy that is going to install it and ultimately be responsible for it, i.e. get the call at 2 a.m. when it quits!

    Will it "work?" Depends on your definition of work. Will it "run?" Probably. at least for a short duration. Will it be efficient? Not even close.

    Will there be problems? Not a question of "if" just a question of "when."
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    Sorry, noz. It ain't gonna work.

    Maybe you should call some of your local a/c companies and explain your situation. Sometimes they'll save a newer unit that's being replaced somewhere else, and will make you a good deal on it.

    It would really be best to have a professional look at your system and give you a recommendation. You might spend more money cobbling together a bunch of parts and keeping it running than you would have if you'd just replaced it with new equipment.
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    how expensive can the proper coil be? it doesnt have to be gold plated and i would bet it is no more than a full tank of gas ....or two

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    My friend runs a body shop, he has a 3 1/2 ton air handler in the repair bay, the outside unit died and he found a 5 ton and I hooked it up for him in exchange for him painting my car, told him it wasnt going to work right but he didnt care just hook it up and lets see what happens, that was 5 years ago and it still "cools" it really must be "Hard to stop a Trane" lol

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    If it does work, it will not work as it should. If you think replacing it with a new is expensive just wait till you get your utility bill
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    The condenser doesn't care what size the coil is; it does care how much air is going across the coil and what the metering device is.

    If you can get the airflow up to at least 1500 CFM across the coil and have a 5-ton piston or expansion valve it should work fine it will just remove a great deal of moisture. It would be better if you could get the airflow to 2000 CFM however it is unlikely you can even get to 1500 because the furnace is probably has a three ton blower.

    So yes it can work very well but it will cost you more than a new properly sized evaporator coil and condenser will. Most manufacturers offer some type of extended financing.

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