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    9 PM:

    Phone rings, Hospital with no cooling in seven bldgs. Drive 25 miles, find two absorbers putting out 50 *F CW in spite of both 40 year old towers choked with algae. Maint guy shows up, shows me to AHU's in tunnels with clogged filters. Change filters in all AHU's ( 28 of them) write it up and leave. Going back in AM to clean out towers.


    Phone rings on way home. Computer center cooling down. Drive 100 miles to find two (out of about two dozen) twenty year old Lieberts surrounded by empty freon cans. Find one one blown out liquid line solenoid and one no pumper compressor (wonder how that crank got snapped) get one circuit in each up with minor repairs, fax info to boss for estimate and go home (turn phone off this time).

    5:30 AM:

    After 70 mile drive home am sitting here pondering my growing dislike of maint guys while I get ready to go to work in 30 minutes.

    Thank god I'm not the guy on call this week!


    It Is What It Is

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    Hey Busta..but thats life when you're the man.

    Thats why I got out of doing refer work many years ago the windshield time,calls anytime of the sucks.

    Very demanding of ones life in general..and I realize the money was not that good for all the greif.

    Hittem up,you deserve it.

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