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I'm sure that everything you have said is true. There is a huge install base for N2 and making people rip our perfectly good controllers on a massive scale is not in anyone's best interest.

But from where I'm standing that simply means that N2 gateways will be around for a very long time. I'm not sure brand-new N2 controllers will be.

But it's all just a hunch right now.

Good day BACNet,

Indeed, I suspect that there will not be a company or companies making a complete product line that is strictly N2 based. However, N2 and MS/TP share the same electrical interface (RS485) and so it is rather trivial to have the same hardware that has different firmware versions to support MS/TP, N2, etc... As an example, virtually all of our newer hardware has RS485, Ethernet, gobs of power/RAM/Flash, and is field re-programmable (so the user can change from one protocol to another in the field)... consequently we can support N2, BACNet MS/TP, BACNet I/P, TCP/IP, Modbus, etc... If we can do it, and we are a small company, a number of other companies that are significantly larger than us can as well. Whether or not they want to is another issue altogether...