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    Have noticed here in Boston area alot of brand new trucks, with brand new names popping up all over, it seems like I get fewer new customers from phone book than prior years. Good luck, I cut down my yellow page ad to save $100/month, get bill in for health insurance went up $50/mont (last year went up $100/MONTH) NOW $JUST UNDER $1,300/Month not counting dental, van $450/month, liability went up 4-months ago its now $150/month, answering service went up $25 month (varies summer $250/month, winter $110, Nextel didnt , but $89/month, insurance on van went up $100 for year, gas, copper, forget it. bla ,bla bla, wine, wine, wine, its getting crazy. THen worker comp $22/$100. And the people have the nerve to say "your making a $100/hr. I wish I made that kind of $$$$$$, I probabbaly get $45 out of the $1000, I LPN nurse here makes that our more with bennies. And then you get well a guy just gave me a price $300 cheaper than yours, he works in maintenance at the local hosiptal. I find around here its getting flooded with new selfs, when the new seeer starts goodluck, cause we are all in same boat tin knockers (ifr you can find a good one, will name there price) just venting thanks!

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    they all disappear come winter... at least thats what i've noticed.

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    And the question of... "What's taking you so long (it only took the other company 15-20 mins)?"

    Well, if they fixed it... WTF am I doing here?????????


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    Notice the same here too, always tell them it cost more to fix after Mickey gets thru and Cheapest aint always the best

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    It's the American Dream,can't fault them for that!

    Just be sure to charge enough,to have something besides SS ,when you retire.

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    I've noticed about 15 new ones here and they are all doing everything they can to lower the price of new construction. Hope the new home owner like the stuff they got so cheap.
    HVAC Contractor, Tyler Texas.

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    We're in a small town in a sparsely populated rural area. Few new homes, negative population growth, etc. A guy was fired for 'being untrainable and poor workmanship' from one of the established HVAC firms. Instead of finding a new line of work, what does the bozo do? Well, start up his own cut-rate firm- that's what. Easy to do since no licensing is required here. A new doctor moved into town down the street from us and he never once claimed he could do family practice, out patient surgeries, etc. "cheaper than the other guys". Heck no, he's just as pricey as any other MD in town! The reason- he's a professional and he has a professional accountant who knows what is needed to charge to make the living he wishes, attract quality staff and meet expenses. We have a community full of HVAC guys who go out of their way to give the products and services away and complain they're not making any money. I am not self employed any more, but it still bothers me these guys have no clue what to charge, pay their staff starvation wages (and wonder why they have so much turnover), drive junk trucks, complain they can't buy good tools or accessories,... Somehow they seem to eke along and don't go away.

    Just venting also, but why on earth do people get into a profession and not treat it with a professional attitude? It seems like you mainly see that in the building trades. I've never seen a dentist or physician brag about being 'cheap'. In fact, the newest dentist in our community is flooded with work and is no doubt the highest priced dentist in the surrounding area. He's young, well trained and educated and darn good at what he does and ke commands a quality rate for his quality services. Greg

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    The problem is many of the service guys simply dont know the costs of doing business, they see you're company charging say 90 bucks and figure they can make a good living doing the same. Just because one is a good service tech doesnt mean he's a good businessman. Generally they start off with very little overhead and amke good money. After a year or two they find out that they owe some taxes and they visit an acountant only to find out they need to be paying into workers comp etc. Word of mouth falls short, they get hit with some advertising, they get a few non payers and maybe even a lawsuit and find out what you already know. After the first year, they realize they need a proper van as the family station wagon just isnt cutting it. After the second year, they give up the van to the repo man and go to work for you. You give them the job as a reward for them taking legitimate work form you and other legitimate contractors for the past 2 years.

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