My central air conditioning broke down. I have an old Carrier 58SSB095-BC furnace that was installed a while ago before I moved into my house. The problem is that it now does not blow any more cold air.

I have a guy come out to service it last year, which he did. He filled it up with freon, but told us that the "a-coil" was going bad and would have to be replaced soon. Every now and then, I'd see some oily looking substance dripping from one of the pipes around the furnace, but I could never tell exactly where it was coming from.

Well, this year, when I went to turn on the AC, no cold air blew out. Instead, outside, on the insulated pipe close to the big blower unit, a huge block of ice formed around this insulated pipe. I turned off the unit, and called the guy back. He basically told me I have to get a whole new furnace.

Is this guy bluffing? I don't have the time, space, or money to get a brand new central AC unit. Can I just buy a compatible A-coil unit and have it installed to replace the old unit?

Please help me with any suggestions. My parents are old, and it's way too hot for them to be sitting around in 88F+ temps WITH humidity.