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    If your concerned about his health being a problem then you have an obligation to send him in for a physical.

    Whats gonna happen when some lawyer finds out you believed he had a health problem and you kept sending him out anyway. Is it worth loosing everything you have.
    HVAC Contractor, Tyler Texas.

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    Originally posted by lynn rodenmayer
    I was suprized that Lowtemp started this thread, I just thought it was a momentary lack of good judgement.

    Lowtemp I like reading your posts.

    I also think you want this guy gone, but this is a lame way to get rid of a guy.
    I agree with Lynn his his bid for enjoying Low Temps posts. I've seen some long-term HVAC-talk techs fire up on this matter. And it's quite the turn-around when many served up a good dose of support when he was refused a glass of water (Lack of respect by a fellow human) - and showed similar vim, vigor and fire in condemning him for his descision to comment on the sweating issue. (Also a respect issue) A balance of sorts.

    A good thing would come of this bit, Low Temp, if you only address the lack of quality of work this technician displays - and leave the customer complaints with sweating out of the equation. Well, if this were a perfect world... they'd kick me off for a fact.

    I'm hoping that a humbling for our bumbling - doesn't keep you from posting. I like hearing your responses.

    Hang in there.... and don't sweat it.....

    errrr...... sorry, couldn't resist.

    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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