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    My brother just bought a house with a York flat coil model# M2UF032AA in it, the numbers on the cond unit are worn and cant be read, but the compressor name tag and this coil # lead me to believe it is a 2.5 ton unit, he needs a new cond unit and would to go with a 3 ton unit, my question is can change the orifice on this coil and get 3 tons out of it?
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    Normally used with 2.5 ton system. Why hack a new outdoor unit on that POS coil. Those had lots of condensate leak problems.

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    If you're in the biz and can buy equipment, you know a new coil isn't that much more and will save on energy costs plus better for performance and the life of the unit.

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    Is there even an orifice to change?
    Most of those old flat York coils used cap tubes, and don't work very well with a new 10 SEER condensor.
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    get rid of that P O S coil.

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    Loonies right with the condensate leak problems, also some Ive found when the a/ first shuts off, they make a very loud, vibration/ humming like a loud train noise for about 15 seconds, its very loud in beginning, then as the secs. go on its fades away very anoying, I had one in my house used to do it, put in new Trane 80% with cased coil, and Trane electronic air filter. I wish I went with the 4" bear intead I think there a wast of money, you have to keep them clean, high maint.

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    Replace that Antique coil, its served its purpose.
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