I am deciding on a 2.5 ton R-22 American standard/Trane air conditioning unit or a 2.5 ton R-22 Rheem/Ruud unit. I live in Southern Ohio where summers are not terribly bad. I have decided that a 12 seer will be more than fine (I know I have until the end of the year until the new seer regulations come in to effect)

I want an installer that knows what he is doing. Can you recommend any questions that I should ask an installer? What should I look for out of an individual when he comes to my home for a price quote?

I have spent several hours reading on this forum trying to find out what would be a good brand to purchase. I have found it very difficult. When I was looking for an oil furnace on this forum it was easy (Thermopride all the way). Air conditioners are a different animal everybody has their favorites. I know from reading on this site that they are mostly all basically the same and that installation is of high priority ( I agree ). I am deciding between these two units. Can you give me the pros and cons of each unit as far as durability and qaulity.

Also if you have a model that you would reccomend please share. I do not want a builders model

Thanks Brad