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    I live in Pennsylvania. Recently I got a job in residential work as an HVAC Service Technician. The company agreed to pay me $22 and hour. After the second week of doing service (8 to 10 calls a day yeah, rediculous isn't it)the boss called me into the office and said, "You have to sell equipment that's why I'm paying you $22 an hour." At first I thought only this contractor did this. But Sunday I saw an add in the Sunday paper the said Service Tech wanted, must also sell. Anytime I sold equipment as a technician I got a commission or I did not sell. A technician is hired to maintain, service, and repair equipment. Salesman sell equipment as part of their job, not service techs. So I quit and was able to go in my own business again.

    For those of you in the know, when you sell systems as a tech it slows you down. You have to talk to the custoemr about the equipment, take measuerements, have prices available etc. If you take too long to do a sale, they(management)get on your back about completing the calls you were given for that day.

    It looks to me that the companies want more and more and more out of you, with less and less compensation. Anyone else working for an employer who wants blood and more.
    Does anyone stand up and say Forget it. No comission, no sales.

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    Shows you've got experience. All companys want more for's the American way. If you won't do it,they'll find someone who will,and there will always be someone. Maybe not nearly as good, but they'll do it.Good luck with your company....if you follow your own standards you'd be a good person to work for.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    most companys pay a commission not a hourly rate they pay like 27 percent plus co van so you haft to sell to make money that the reason so many customers get riped off the buy condensors they dont need and new inside units also parker refrig.

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