hello ..im trying to fix my ac unit..i bought the house new ten years ago and it came with a bdp air conditioner the house is 1900 sq feet..im not sure of the tons.. i get 60 to 63 deg out of the registers..but upstares stays hot the lowest i can get it to is 85 deg in the afternoon and if i run the unit all day it will cool down to 80 at 11.30 pm..yersterday i measured the outside temp and it was 110 deg.. the temp at the ac fan was 120 deg.. i used a set of old manifold gages and the low side read 110psi and the hi side when you first start the unit peg the gage over 500psi.. then droped down to 495.. can my ac be overcharged.. what psi should i be looking for ..the ac modle number is 561aj048-f thanks for your help.. bye