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Thread: York vs Carrier

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    I'm finally going to be making my final decision on my AC and Furnace. I'm moving in 5 years or less and don't want to hang meat in the summer or wear a bathing suit in the winter so I'm getting a basic system.

    I'm very disolutioned about the Carrier Customer Service. The phone Tech Support people know nothing. They refer all questions to an Installer. The Installer's want to sell you the top of the line. I asked about a freon unit from Carrier and an Installer told me it was not available. But I happened to know that it was not only available here in So. Cal, but a current model. I'm probably not going to go with them, but...

    I don't know anything about the York units. I called Tech Support this morning and had a somewhat knowledgeable person on the other end of the line who helped me with the AC info., but he didn't know anything about furnaces. I'm looking at the HRC Standard 12 Seer AC, but don't know which York 80% single stage furnace to buy. Their website is a little vague.

    Part of my concern is the unit size...literally. I have a small place on my patio which would not allow for the Rheem AC, which I really wanted to install. It was low and long. I need a tower unit.

    Any recommendations on furnace would be greatly appreciated and the tip on Carrier vs York would also be equally considered.
    Thank you...I'm installing in the next two weeks as it is 105 degrees here in Woodland Hills, CA and not letting up anytime soon. But I'm going to miss these boards when I finally install, because I've gotten some really great information and help over the past year.

    Thank you.

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    Everyone has their own opinion of brands. Properly installed, a York would do just fine. The HRC is the builder line, could be a bit noisy. Larger footprint so may take up almost as much room as a Rheem. We've installed a few with no problems.

    See this page for more info on furnaces

    Here are the A/C units. The HDH would be quieter with a smaller footprint than the HRC but more money. The Affinity units are very quiet but pricey.

  3. #3 are always the most helpful. Thank you. I specifically told the York peeps..."no builder unit". Noise is definately an issue (although the sound of an air conditioner would be music to my ears right now).

    I'm going to download the HDH and compare. I'll have my Installer price me out the HDH and Affinity.

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    The website isn't specific on comps for the HRC. Says 2 ton is Inertia which is very noisy. They sometimes put a cover on them. 1.5, 2.5 and 3 just says recip so may be a H29 which isn't bad. 3.5 to 5 is a scroll so should be quiet.

    The HDH uses std recip in 1.5, Inertia in 2 (must have a bunch of 2 tons left over ) and scroll from 2.5 ton on up. SRN starts at 7.0 for little guys and 7.6 in the 3.5 to 5 ton.

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