1 Atlanta, Ga. metro population 800,000 and growing.
2 Moving to a six year old lake house with 2 heat pumps. County population: 20,000. No traffic. No traffic.
3 Home Inspector said: Please have a licensed HVAC Tech. lookat the heat pumps. All I can so is a visual.

So I turn to the pros. My wife said I am being hard on the seller but I said nope. My hard earned money is going to ensure I am getting comfort!!

I am going to present this to the realtor on Wed. If you the pros. help me think this thing out. Anything you would add or delete?
Special Stipulations:
1. At the seller’s expense inspection of HVAC system by licensed HVAC contractor to ensure:
a. System has no Freon leaks and is at proper Freon charge,
b. Duct and registers are properly insulated,
c. Filters are changed,
d. Air handler / condenser / line set inspection to report deficiency’s,
e. Air flow from registers is of sufficient volume and temperature per HVAC standards,
f. Report on general condition of the system and anticipated life expectancy,
g. Report to be provided to buyer,
h. Seller will have the right to remediation at seller’s expense,
i. And HVAC contractor to provide to buyer their name of business, address, telephone number and state of Georgia HVAC license number.

Now is not that I don't trust the seller but.......!!! This is one of the major systems in a house.

ONE last question: Should I ask for a home warranty? I've seen some posts that looks like the HO is getting a ride to no where. It will cost the seller 350 bucks but I don't want to ask for it if it is worthless.

Comments would be appreciated. I just want to get this one right. Alls I want to worry about is what kind of bait should I used on the hook to fish at Lake Hartwell. Not how am I going to find the money to fix something after I own it.