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    I just had some leaky coils replaced on both of my carrier units (each less than one year) and the infinity controller registers 28 events of "range error" over the past month.

    Just wanted to know if anybody knew what this was? Called my technician and he didn't know off hand, but was going to attempt to find out as well.


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    I too am seeing this error. Anyone know what it means? My installer didn't know the cause of the "range error" log entry.

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    Without ever seeing the infinity control(we don't have any), I would bet that it means that the temperatures in your home went beyond the controls setpoints(Range). Every time the system couldn't handle the load, it registered an error. Dash should know for sure....
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    You've been a great help in the past, do you have any idea.

    My installer said he doesn't have a clue. I even wrote carrier and they chose to let my installer answer it, even after I told them he couldn't.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I get a “RANGE ERROR” message on the User Interface screen. What does this mean?

    The relationship between the coil thermistor and outdoor air thermistor indicates an operational problem. Make sure the outdoor temp sensor is uncoiled from the inside of the cabinet and relocated outside of the unit. Check refrigerant charge and system operation.
    If the outdoor temperature sensor is located outside the unit, call your contractor. They need to check the operation of the unit. OD temp sensor, coil temp sensor, unit charge.

    If they don't know how to check the sensors, they can obtain the Puron Service Manual, Form 38-11SM, from their Carrier distributor.

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    [I tried searching, but didn't find much, on the forum.]

    Finally got the HVAC folks to hook up the Outdoor Air Thermistor on my Carrier Infinity System (Honeywell TrueSTEAM, 24ANA, 58MVC). The Honeywell finally seems to be working in full automatic mode

    But ... the a/c condenser is located on the west side of our Northern Colorado home -- in pretty direct sunlight, most of the time.

    Because of that, I'm seeing daytime outdoor air temp readings in excess of 30* HIGHER than actual air temps.

    So far, I can envision a couple of problems with this:
    1. Suboptimal rollback of RH, in response to cold temps
    2. Possible "RANGE ERROR" situation, as air temp is significantly higher than coil temp
    3. Stupid to look at thermostats and get bad info on outside temps

    HVAC guy says he talked to Carrier, and that the OAT CANNOT be relocated -- either to the shady side of the box or remotely -- perhaps to the shady side of the house ... where ... by the way ... there is NOT enough clearance to put the a/c unit (sucker's HUGE!), itself.

    He suggested that they could flip the a/c unit 180*, but ... that probably just means that the summer sun will hit it, directly, rather than the winter sun

    HVAC guy has promised to put the Carrier Engineering people in touch with me, directly. He simply says he doesn't have the answers to these questions, and that these may be limitations that I have to live with.

    My top-of-the-line HVAC system wasn't designed to be used in any area where it might be exposed to the sun??

    Tell me I have that wrong ... please

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