(I'll apologize up front for the long post!)
I'm a homeowner who has had some a/c problems. I have two a/c systems in my 7 year old house, a gaspack downstairs and (I guess) a two component system for upstairs.
About a month ago, my downstairs a/c (gaspak) stopped working. I called a company with whom I've dealt with (very happily) fo the past 7 or 8 years. I was told the compressor had died and I got it replaced. About three weeks later, my downstairs a/c again stopped working. I had the same company (different individual) come out and then told me
- the compressor was dead
- the condensor coil is leaking and had refrigerant on it
- the evaporator coil had a leak
- the heat exchanger had a crack

I'm a complete novice here so please excuse any ignorance in my questions
The compressor died very quickly after installation - could it have cause any of the problems with the condensor coil?

I'm sure some (if not all of the problems) were there the first time I had the compressor replaced.

I was given an estimate to repair the system but was told I'd be must better off replacing it.

Having said that, I now have a Goodman system - two different companies have said that I should avoid Goodman while another recommended it. Is that too much of a blanket statement? From reading other posts, I've learned that the installation is as important or more important than the quality of the actual system.

Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you
(again, sorry for the long post)