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    I have noticed that on quite a few thermostats that there has been second stage cooling sometimes is using the blue wire and sometimes an orange wire and the same goes for second stage heat.Talked to a few techs and no consensus on which to use.Am I alone in this problem or is this alsosomething you guys have encountered?Thanks

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    Colors don't matter,it's how the unit's wired up. If you go by the normal color codes, blue is common, but can also be used for the reversing valve energised in heat.Should post this in the pro section.....
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    color does not matter lots techs wire with different color so to mess some techs and indivudals up so they maybe get call back for them

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    if you go over to the blower box pop off the cover and look at how it is wired to the board, then thats how you wire it to the t-stat

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