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    I am buying the house my mother has been renting. I live three hours away and could not be at the home inspection. However, the inspector's report stated that the HVAC system need an insulated boot register. The seller balked at making this repair because he was told that it was not required by "the code".

    I do not know what a boot register is, how important it is or how much it would cost to get it repaired/installed. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    An insulated boot register is a part of your duct system,and prevents your duct from sweating where the supply air comes out.This isn't the grill, but what it's attached to.It should be an inexpensive repair unless it's encased in concrete. I'd be wary of anybody who's selling their property telling me something like that....hope you're getting a great price to cover future repairs...
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    If he only mentioned one, i suspect its has some damage and thats the only fault found by the inspector. Its not a big deal to replace if its accessable, which i assume it is since he mentioned it. Or he possibly could have seen some rust on the grille.

    Anywya, I would not let something like this hold up a sale.


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