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    I'd say more like a handshake. Part of the respect we share in this industry is that we can agree to disagree, not carry grudges, and go on our merry way.

    "To Infinity................and Beyond!" Buzz Lightyear.

    Everyone has a purpose in life..........even if it's to be a bad example.

    Seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood.

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    If ya do ever kiss, keep your hands where we can see them.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me! ©


    Bring Em Home....

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    Originally posted by vmc1161
    Webea/c: I'm not a nasty person I just play one on hvac-talk do you respect me?
    Why, is it morning?

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    I think you did the right thing...some people just are jerks...anyone rember the A$s hole song...were you born an arsehole...or did u work at it your whole life.

    I rember when I did child abuse investigations..especialy at rich houses...people would cuss scream..swear they knew the was usaly over something stupid..the ex-called in on food in the hosue...type stuff. Id explain that I had to get in or call the cops....get the whole speah about haveing my job for this...go ahead and call police...then when cops showed up...checked frige..found food and was leaveing get you embaressed me by calling the police...

    Why are people freaks and jerks...I dont know..some seem to think that others are the hired help and yellign at them makes them work faster..cheaper ....funny how it has the opisit effect

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    this topic has been flogged to death,
    A final word from Me I earlier said Id do the call that day but Id "pretend " to pick aup a motor from another tech instead Id go to the 711 and get a slurpee and run back to the job slam his motor in add an ahole charge and collect the cheque

    We are humans not robots people and it is not always easy for us to do the right thing when faced with adves=rsity. - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

    Arguing with some people is like wrestling a pig - eventually you realise the pig actually enjoys it

    Gonads serve a useful purpose but are no substitute for brains

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    Hey, I remember the 711s in Vanc.(Coquitlam actually)

    That's the first place I ever had a Hero/Hogie/Sub sandwich back in '76 when my brother got married.

    He lives in Aldergrove now. I think he was selling cement to some guy building a tunnel or something
    Is this a Fabreze moment? C.Y.D. I'm voting white elephant. 2˘.
    My competition are my best salespeople!

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    i figured if i asked for a beer he would think i was an alcoholic.

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