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    11 year old Trane cntral air unit went out today. Heard a popping noise near the unit outside. Went inside to find that the whole house breaker had been tripped - not just the breaker for the unit. Reset circuits to find that the outside unit now makes a clicking sound when the air is turned on and the fan on doesn't work.

    Does this sound like something a qualified repair company could fix for a reasonable amount or should we just replace the unit?

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    recommend you contact the service provider you have dealt with in the past and have them make a correct diagnosis and recommedations accordingly. Only the qualified tech that services the unit can make the determination of whether repair or replace is in your best interest.

    Although there are a tremendous number of extremely qualified industry individuals on this site, as a group we consciously avoid trying to make sight unseen recommendations regarding service of hvac equipment. It is disingenious for us to make those types of recommendations and pricing should be left to the contractor that you are working with.

    Elsewhere on this site, you can seek a qualified contractor in your area if you do not already have one. If you provide additional information in your profile regarding location, etc. then someone from this site, that may be available in your area could make contact with you directly.

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    I think that a service call should answer your question quickly. Last summer I found a bad condenser (outside) fan motor which would seize due to bad bearings and the overloads were bad. This caused one of the fuses to blow. In this case, I replaced the fan motor, and the unit is operating properly to this day.
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