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    I went to visit my Dad in Hewitt / WACO TX. and looked at the system that had just been installed. The primary drain line wasnt insullated (thats not to complain about)but the vent pipe was two different types screwed together and not to straight either but the worst thing about it was the 5"old vent was still loose in a flashing that was a china cap with the old cap removed and the new metalfab cap screwed on in its place,and in Texas inforcing hard galv. piping outside the furnace cabinet & running stainless steel flex to it they just ran the old 20 yr old brass flex instead.Permit was pulled? city inspector came & passed.

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    Take pictures.

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    Unfortunity there are "official inspectors" that are no better than the "home inspectors" hired by many.
    Lets see, None of our local jobs have been inspected for yrs. Why I really dont know. We work for the area's #1 blder who the inspector went to for questions about bldgs and codes. I said went cause she just got "released" from the job. Seems one thing was signing off on a county bldg permit when your a city inspector doesn't fly.
    We do the county bldg inspectors personal and rental properties hvac work.

    Next county over where you "pay to play" we were told going into a job it's S.O.P. for inspector to red tag new subs for something just so you know who he is. We got tagged and the electrician got tagged. I had to laugh at the electrian, he got tagged cause the romex coming out of his boxes didnt come to the end of the inspectors thumb. Does he have the official length thumb or something??
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