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    I have an indoor blower that will run in the on position. When I switch to cool it will continue to run for about 5 min. while the compressor and outdoor fan are running. Then the compressor and outdoor fan continue to run but the blower shuts off and does not deliver cool air thru the system. Of course the next thing that happens is that it starts to freeze up. Now here is my question...The electrical schematic for the blower does not show any additional control except for one relay contactor K-3. If the compressor is not on the fan will run all the time. But if you turn on the compressor the indoor fan will quit and not come back on and the unit will freeze.
    The unit is a Lennox gas pack GSC20H-311 (2.5 ton)

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    I think I have it figure out...going to check the motor. I think it may be going out on thermal overload and then automatically reset once it cools down. Gotta get my amp meter.

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    relay coil...

    Well it turned out to be the relay coil for the blower. After about 5 min the coil would build up heat and open. I verified I still had voltage on the coil and an ohm check revealed it was open. Waited about ten min. and the coil had an ohm reading. Turned it on again and after about 5 min the contacts changed state with voltage on the coil. Removed power and the coil showed it was open. Anyone have a 24 vac 2PDT relay I can have this Sunday afternoon ;-).

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